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- ease of use
- high anti-corrosion properties
- excellent adhesion to all metals

EP Primer RX P-03
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reoflex_кнопка на сайт_en_Adhesion prime
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reoflex_кнопка на сайт_en_Protective Mat
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reoflex_кнопка на сайт_en_Expendaple mat
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Reoflex™ is a wide range of high-quality automotive refinishing products. It contains fillers, primers, putties, topcoats, aerosols and paint related products. All products are certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and comply with the European Directive for limitations VOC 2004/42/EC of the European Parliament and the Council, which guarantees the environmental safety.

Reoflex™ is a well-known automotive refinishing brand due to the price, quality and innovations.

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